Why I Don't Believe in the 1200 Calorie Di


We’ve all been there.

You look in the mirror one day and decide to finally do something about those few pesky pounds you’ve added on since last summer.

Determined to shed the weight quickly, you download a weight loss app and it sets up a plan of 1200 calories per day. You head to the grocery store and find the low calorie section…. you’re overwhelmed with how many different 100 calorie snack packs there are.

You commit to staying on track and after a few weeks notice that although you’ve dropped a few pounds, you’re stuck at a plateau. Not only that—you’re not sleeping as well as you did before and you’ve been snapping at your husband and are cranky all the time.

Yep. You’re on the 1200 calorie diet alright.

I don’t believe in the 1200 calorie diet. It is simply not sustainable and can lead you on a path that may wreck your metabolism and hormones, too.

I'm passionate about teaching women how to lose unwanted body fat through the FASTer Way to Fat Loss. There's a much better, more sustainable, and more balanced way to achieve your goals.

If you’re just getting started on your fat loss journey, instead of slashing calories, try focusing on improving the quality of the foods you consume. Try to lessen your intake of processed foods and focus on lean protein, lots of non-starchy veggies and fruit, too.

Check out my video below for more of my thoughts on this and learn how we maximize fat loss in the FASTer Way with an extreme calorie deficit.

Keep me updated on how you're doing. I'd love to hear from you!